For eons, the scents of plants available in nature were the only way to protect yourself from the annoying insects flying around, whether they are flies, wasps, or mosquitoes. Today, we still have these insects around, but we no longer live as one with nature.

It’s a huge mistake that humanity abandoned its connections with nature. Millions of people use technology to protect themselves while risking their health and ignoring that the best repellents come from organic naturally produced solutions, like essential oils.

When it comes to mosquitoes, there are several essential oils made from plants available worldwide offering mosquito protection. Simply spraying the mist from these oils in the air will cause all mosquitoes to look for cover and never approach you again.

These scents act as natural repellents as mosquitoes hate their smell. At the same time, we love the aroma coming from these essential oils. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of those who are the most popular, so if you want to know what they are, continue reading and learn more about them. Here are the six most popular mosquito essential oil repellents.

1. Lavender

One of the maybe most popular essential oils out there is – lavender. It is available everywhere around us. More studies have shown that lavender is an excellent repellent of adult mosquitoes that are the most annoying.

What you need to do is get yourself a bottle of lavender essential oil and place it in the diffuser. Of course, you can use other options, like candles or even actual leaves of the plant lavender, which many people grow in their homes, and see how mosquitoes fly off as far as possible from it.


At the same time, lavender produces a smell that is known as one of the most relaxing ones. Everyone suffering from constant stress or anxiety will feel much more relaxed in a room filled with the scent from the lavender plant. In other words, you get a win-win situation – you get rid of the mosquitoes, and you get to be as relaxed as possible.

2. Rosemary

Similar to the lavender, rosemary also acts as an excellent mosquito repellent. Fill your room with rosemary, and you’ll see how mosquitoes are instantly gone. They hate the smell, which for humans is actually quite pleasing.

The scent of the rosemary is similar to all the other mint smells because the plant falls in the same family. If you like mint smells, you’ll love this one. It has a woody aroma and makes the air feel fresh and cool.


It is proven that rosemary also provides great value for everyone that struggles with memory. Research shows that improving memory is one of the top features this plant has among the many benefits. If you’re trying to study or reading a book in the summer, but there are mosquitoes all around you, get this essential oil and enjoy your time spent with the books.

3. Lemon Eucalyptus

One of the best products you’ll find out there against mosquitoes is the lemon eucalyptus essential oil. This one’s a known fighter against many bugs – mosquitoes included. Inside of it, there’s the citronellal compound, which is a great repellent against all kinds of bugs.

Although its name starts with the word lemon, it is still a eucalyptus tree, so don’t confuse it with the actual product we eat and drink daily. At the same time, this essential oil produces an amazing scent that you’ll certainly enjoy when it fills the room.

Lemon Eucalyptus

At the same time, lemon eucalyptus is great for cleansing the air. It helps people with respiratory issues and is widely used by people who find other essential oils unsuitable. Get this one if you don’t like the scent of other oils and need mosquito protection.

4. Basil

Basil grows anywhere from central Africa, southern Europe to Southeast Asia. In other words – it originates from the parts of the world where the first civilizations appeared. Ever since Alexander the Great, the basil plant has been used as a mosquito repellent.

People rubbed their skin with it, and mosquitoes circled them but didn’t bite. Today, basil is used in food preparation because it adds to the dishes’ flavor.


At the same time, nearly everyone manufacturing essential oils will have it in their list of products. Filling the air with the scent of basil will make mosquitos scatter and leave the area.

5. Geraniol

Geraniol is much different from the previous four we mentioned. This one’s actually alcohol made from plants like rose and lemongrass. Many essential oils manufacturers will have this one in their line of products, so if you like something truly effective, then choose geraniol.


You need to have in mind that it may cause irritations and inflammation if it gets in touch with your skin. Keep it away from children, and make sure you choose another option if you have sensitive skin.

Why it’s crucial to get yourself a repellent?

These few essential oils are excellent in the battle against those annoying and dangerous at the same time insects called mosquitoes. Without them, you’ll be exposed to mosquito bites, which can cause all kinds of diseases.

In some parts of the world, the worst thing these insects can do is cause annoying itching. Still, in some parts like Africa, South America, and Southern Asia, mosquitoes are infamous predators that cause over 700 million different illnesses every year and more than a million deaths.

Malaria, Zika and West Nile viruses, Dengue fever, and Chikungunya are all part of the potential threats from getting in contact with mosquitoes. That tells you why it’s crucial to be prepared and always have an essential oil by your side that will protect you from these dangers.

Even if you’re not located in the danger zones of these diseases, you should still protect yourself. The mosquito’s bite causes a reaction in our bodies to make the place itch for at least a couple of days. Instead of struggling for a couple of days, prevent the bite and enjoy your time free from mosquito bites. If you have other bugs and insects in your area, you should read this article about which essential oil keeps bugs away.