What mixes well with lavender essential oil

What Mixes Well With Lavender Essential Oil

When we were testing the process of mixing essential oils, we found that it can be quite intimidating for beginners. Many people are unsure about which oils complement each other and whether the combination will be a success or a failure. However, with some understanding of the mechanics of mixing essential oils, anyone can create their own unique blend.

Our analysis suggests that the perfect recipe for mixing essential oils requires both science and a bit of art. One way to begin the process is by categorizing essential oils based on their similar traits. We found that grouping oils together based on their properties can help in creating a more balanced and effective blend. Some categories of essential oils can include:


  • The scent type 
  • The notes of each essential oil (chemical makeup)
  • And the effect of each essential oil 
What mixes well with lavender essential oil1

We found that understanding the different types of scents is crucial to determining which oils mix well with lavender essential oil. One approach is to blend oils that have a similar scent profile. Here are some examples that we found to be successful:

  • For a flowery scent: lavender can be mixed with jasmine, geranium, rose, palmarosa, and vanilla.
  • For a woody scent: a mixture of cedarwood, lavender, sandalwood, and juniper works well.

Furthermore, our analysis suggests that understanding the notes of essential oils can also help in creating a well-balanced blend. Some essential oils tend to evaporate faster than others, which can affect the overall fragrance of the blend. This is where notes come into play. Top notes are the essential oils that evaporate the fastest, lasting for less than 2 hours. Middle notes last for less than 4 hours, while base notes can last for several days. It’s essential to understand the science behind each essential oil to create a long-lasting blend.

Here are some examples of oils according to notes that we found to blend well with lavender:

  • Top notes: bergamot, lemon, and peppermint
  • Middle notes: chamomile, clary sage, and rosemary
  • Base notes: frankincense, cedarwood, and patchouli
base note

Base note

  • This note lasts the longest for many hours
  • Known as the foundation of the blend
  • e.g sandalwood; frankicence; patchouli; cedarwood;


Middle Note

  • Known as the heart notes
  • Balancers between the top and base notes
  • Lasts for 2-4 hours
  • e.g lavender; geranium
middle note
top note

Top Note

  • Light fresh aroma
  • It is the first scent of the blend that you smell when you apply it
  • First impression of the blend
  • Evaporates quickly
  • e.g citrus oils; bergamot; eucalyptus; 

In conclusion, when we tried mixing different essential oils with lavender, we found that blending oils with a similar scent and understanding the notes of each oil can help in creating a well-balanced and long-lasting blend. By experimenting with different combinations, you can create your own unique aroma that suits your preferences.

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