In this Rocky Mountain Essential Oils Review i will cover the following:

  • Information about Rocky Mountain Oils company,
  • Quality and purity of the rocky mountain oils
  • From where they are sourcing their essential oils
  • What are their extraction methods
  • How they test the essential oils
  • Information about grading and certifications
  • We review their Essential Oil offers
  • Rocky mountain oils costs and a comparison link
  • Brand Reviews by professionals
  • Final Verdict
  • Key Takeaways

About Rocky Mountain Oils

ROCKY MOUNTAIN OILS or RMO was founded in 2004. The company sells its products directly to consumers. In fact, it advertises itself as a “Non MLM” supplier. It means that you won’t pay for the margins of a big MLM chain with each seller recruiting sub-sellers and the sub-sellers recruiting sub-sub-sellers and so on.

RMO uses affiliates to promote its products by experiencing and writing about the products. It also offers the product at wholesale prices to health professionals and others with a business license.

The company’s production operations are carried out at Orem, Utah, USA. It reports having acquired Native American Nutritionals and having entered into strategic partnerships for bringing quality products into the market.

RMO offers essential oils that help with wellness, energy, relief, sleep and cleaning.

Quality and Purity

RMO products undergo GC/MS (gas chromatography/ mass spectroscopy) testing which allows detection of even tiny amounts of a substance in the tested sample. The tests are done by a verified third party independent lab.

Rocky Mountain Oil’s offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee supported by provision of actual GC/MS test results. The buyer enters the batch number of the product at the test results page of RMO website to get the test results for that batch.

The guarantee also covers a no-questions-asked return within 90 days.


Rocky Mountain Oil’s sourcing policies are explained thus by them:

  • RMO has direct relationship with each supplier, who has to meet stringent quality standards before the company will buy from them
  • Samples from suppliers are GC/MS tested for adulterants, contaminants, diluents or synthetics. If the sample passes the test, bulk orders are placed for the tested batch
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at ROM includes multiple spot checks such a organoleptic tests for physical properties like look, smell and feel
  • Internal testing and external tests by independent labs ensure that the essential oils contain no adulterants
  • The products are then bottled into amber glass bottles and securely sealed using state-of-the art equipment

Extraction Methods and Distillation

From the materials available at Rocky Mountain Oils website, it appears that the company does not directly engage in extraction or distillation of the oils. Instead, it purchases essential oils in bulk from selected suppliers who have stringent quality standards in place.

This might appear as a negative point because it could imply that the company does not have full control over the quality of the products. On the other hand, it can also be seen as a good strategy to focus on quality. Each batch purchased from suppliers undergoes GC/MS testing before being accepted.

Additionally, the company’s SOP of internal and external testing during its own processing and bottling operations adds to this quality focus.


In addition to the GC/MS tests of each batch purchased from suppliers the product undergoes organoleptic and other internal tests (as well as external GC/MS tests by third party labs) before it is finally bottled and sealed ready for despatch.

Grading and certification

Other than the independent GC/MS testing, Rocky Mountain Oils does not seem to have any other third party grading or certification.

Essential Oils offerings

Essential Oils for Cleaning

The great fresh scents of these products can freshen up your clothes, the air around you and even your body, creating a cheerful mood.

Cleaning products include several different oils ranging from Lavandin priced near $40 to Orange at $9. In addition to using in laundry these products might also be used as sleep aids, air fresheners, inhalers and massage oils. The Orange oil, for example, can be used as a lip balm and for skin care in addition to being added to natural cleaners.

Essential Oils for Energy

Chakras are considered as energy centers of the body. By applying the oil to these centers, you can release associated feelings of energy. For example, you apply the Heart Chakra Oil to the center of your chest for feelings associated with compassion, love and affection.

Energy products range from Tohi Burst gels taken orally (price $38) through various Chakra oils applied to your body (price $22) to Orange that is also a cleaning product (price $9).

Essential Oils for Wellbeing

Wellness products produce different kinds of health benefits such as enhancing your immunity, boosting circulation and calming an upset stomach.

Wellness products range from Tohi Nourish with multivitamins and minerals and Cinnamon Bark Oil that provides the invaluable health benefits of Cinnamon bark (both priced $40) through Turmeric ($30) and Eucalyptus ($19) to Lime and  Pine Oils ($13).

Essential Oils for Mood

Mood products tend to affect our emotional moods, which determine the quality of our everyday lives. Anxiety, worry and aggravated thought can all worsen life quality. Use the mood products in different ways for an uplifting feeling that lifts you out of these.

Mood products range from Melissa Essential Oil ($109) used in different ways through Feminine Aid ($39) that helps during the monthly periods to Orange ($9) that can be diffused to stimulate a cheerful mood.

Essential Oils for Relief

Relief products provide relief to a variety of pain and stress conditions, such as muscles, back, swellings, bruises, migraine and even emotional stress. Use these after workouts, and for painful conditions.

Relief products range from Helichrysum italicum Essential Oil ($159) that helps with skincare, massage and moisturizing, and also for swellings and bruises, through Sandalwood ($135), Blue Tansy ($77) and Black Pepper ($35) to Blood Orange ($10) that is good for skincare.

Essential Oils for Skin

Skincare products help with different unpleasant skin conditions such as dry, itchy and irritated conditions, and body odors. Used right they can create a much admired smooth and glowing skin.

Skin care products range from Rose Essential Oil ($200) that not only provides relief to dry, sensitive and mature skin but is also a superb perfume that creates a feeling of comfort, through Helichrysum italicum Essential Oil ($159), Sandalwood ($135) and Tohi Sacred Skin ($50)  to Cedarwood Essential Oil ($12) that is a good skin and hair tonic.

Essential Oils for Sleep

Sleep products provide a soothing effect for both mind and body relieving stress and tension through their fragrance and coolness. Some are through to be good aphrodisiacs.

Sleep products range from Sandalwood ($135) and Jasmine ($81) through Frankincense ($60), Chamomile ($37 and Calming ($33) to Lavender and even a Counting Sheep (both $10).

Carrier Oils from Rocky Mountains

Essential oils are highly volatile and a portion will evaporate and not absorbed by the skin. Diluting essential oils with carrier oils like Jojoba oil prevents this evaporation and increases the evaporation time. Carrier oils can also prevent the irritation experienced by sensitive skin from essential oils applied topically. Finally, it is diluted essential oil that delivers better results compared to undiluted oil (contrary to popular belief!)

The range of carrier oils from Rocky Mountain Oils is small, just four. They include Jojoba Oil ($20) and FCO Carrier Oil ($10).

Rocky Mountains Essential Oils Cost

Rocky Mountain Oils is among the premium brands that take pains to deliver quality oils through careful sourcing and extensive testing. Their prices compare favorably with other premium brands such as Young Living and doTERRA as per this essential oils price comparison chart

However, their prices are higher compared to brands like Plant Therapy and Revive.

Brand and Essential Oils Review by Professionals

Hayley Ryczek “love RMO Oils, which are free of adulterants are top notch” according to her blog. Her reasons:

  1. Quality delivered through RMO’s S.A.A.F.E. Promise™
  2. Reasonable Cost/Value with no MLM and monthly purchase requirements
  3. Focus on essential oils, carrier oils and accessories with no extraneous merchandise
  4. Plenty of learning materials on essential oils and how to use them safely
  5. Exceptional customer support that starts much before any complaint

Ellen Cooper calls RMO as “a company focused on quality and customer service” in her blog. Reasons:

  1. Extensive GC/MS testing and the S.A.A.F.E. Promise™
  2. Direct-to-Consumer with no MLM and minimum purchase requirements
  3. Quick turnaround time and free shipping
  4. 90-day, no questions asked return policy
  5. Sustainable sourcing and environment-friendly practices at their office

Final Verdict

Essential oils from Rocky Mountain Oils are definitely among the best choices with dependable quality, wide range, great customer support and reasonable prices. Free shipping and no-questions-asked return policy are bonuses. So are the learning materials and safety tips that they provide right from the product descriptions.

Key Review Takeaways

  • Rocky Mountain Oils takes pride in the quality of the essential oils they deliver to you; in fact, they seem to focus on the quality assurance aspect instead of diluting it with operational issues such as extraction and distillation, leaving those to specialized distillers
  • They avoid MLM promising never to use it; MLM is generally considered an unhealthy way of marketing
  • ROM also cares seriously for its customers, offering them safety tips and learning materials
  • And you get “bonuses” like quick turnaround time and free shipping
  • To top it all, you have the option to return your purchases within 90 days with no questions asked as to the reason