Embarking on a journey to explore the world of best essential oils can be both exciting and overwhelming. As a passionate advocate for holistic well-being, I’ve delved into the realm of essential oils, not only testing them myself but also gathering insights from others who’ve experienced their transformative benefits. In this comprehensive review, I am unraveling the stories of individuals who have found solace in these aromatic elixirs. From the soothing notes of doTERRA On Guard alleviating years of knee pain to the festive aroma of Edens Garden Candy Cane Lane brightening homes, this article is a guide to help you navigate the world of essential oils. Join me in uncovering the secrets of each oil, understanding their applications, and discovering the genuine reviews that have shaped the choices of fellow enthusiasts. Let’s embark on a fragrant journey together, exploring the nuances of aroma and the healing power of nature’s essence.

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Doterra Lavender Essential Oil

Helpful review:  “I’ve used this oil for 6+ years and have bought it for everyone I know with any type of pain-arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle soreness, overextended tendon, swollen ankles, you name it.

My love for this product began when I was married to someone who did not know that he had a fracture in his knee. He got so used to the pain that he thought it was just a normal part of life, and he walked, surfed, and did everything on a knee with a small hairline fracture in it. Of course, at the end of each day, he could barely stand, and I wanted to help him relieve the pain somehow. I discovered this oil, and I’d rub it on his knee each evening when his knee gave him extra trouble. Eventually, his doctor discovered the fracture (after 6 years of debilitating knee pain), and he had the fracture filled/the bone fused, but I still remember how, after using this oil, THE PAIN OF A BROKEN BONE WENT AWAY.

Years later, my mother was diagnosed with arthritis. Some days, it was so bad that she had trouble picking up/holding the teapot as she tried to pour herself tea. She used all kinds of pain meds, went to the doctor regularly to find some kind of relief, and I’ve seen her cry many times because of how intense the pain got and how helpless she felt as a result. Well, one time, I gave her one of these bottles. For a year, she didn’t use it, thinking how is some essential oil going to help her if the strongest pain pills prescribed by the doctor aren’t helping? We were once talking on the phone and she mentioned how today was a bad day for her hands and she could hardly use them. I finally managed to persuade her to try the oil. She called me back 10 mins later CRYING TEARS OF JOY BECAUSE IT WAS THE ONLY RELIEF SHE’D FELT IN WEEKS.

It’s insane how well it works. I can’t recommend it enough. NOTE: I always recommend that everyone start using it with a carrier oil, just in case the oil stings, burns slightly, or irritates the skin. It can also feel a bit tingly–a pleasant feeling for me, but not for everyone. For my mother, I mix it with any oil we have handy. Olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil. You can find your favorite combination. I usually mix a few drops of the carrier oil and a few drops of the doterra, either in a small receptacle such as a bottle cap or directly onto the skin. If you feel you need more relief, add more of the doterra oil and less of the carrier oil, if it’s too tingly, do the opposite. Adjust accordingly. You can also work your up to more doterra/less carrier oil as you get used to the feeling. I do not use a carrier oil any longer on myself, but that’s because I’ve tested it on my skin and found no irritating effects.

Again, if you’re thinking about trying it, DEFINITELY TRY IT. Just make sure you actually use it and don’t just let it sit there while you wonder how could something so natural and simple actually work. Well, it works. See for yourself.”  – elinaoli3

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Edens Garden Candy Cane Lane Essential Oil

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Helpful reviews: “Want your house to legit smell like Christmas? This is your scent!

It is both sweet and refreshing, but not at all cloying or irritating to the sinuses. The smell makes me think of cranberry sauce and sweet peppermints. Wonderful for holiday diffusing, cleaning, or just freshening up a room any time of year.

Particularly recommended for those looking for an alternative for floral or herby scents!”  –ReaderGirl

“Amazing smell- just like a candy cane. It’s the kids favorite. I didn’t think I would love it as much as I do! Will use yearlong” – SN

“I’m one to get bothered by smells very easily especially if they’re too strong, but this essential oil is the right amount to make your home smell like Christmas yet it’s not overpowering to give you a headache after a while. I will definitely rebuy this one for next year!” – Unicorns5

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Fabulous Frannie Lime Essential Oil

Helpful reviews: “This Lime oil is super fresh smelling, like cutting open a lime! I love it! I used it to create “Margaritaville” bath salts- epsom salt, dead sea salt, and a modest (~10 drops) amount of lime essential oil smelled EXACTLY like a good margarita made with fresh limes. The oil is incredibly potent, and the salt’s scent only intensified with time instead of fading.

I’m looking forward to finding other applications of this fantastic oil!”- Pesky

“I tried mixing this with Vodka and spraying it around as a freshener. Barely smelt it. So, one day I thought I’d spray some on me-it did not last. But it really smells like LIME. Maybe I need to add more OIL ratio to the vodka??? You can use Alcohol also. I just didn’t have any on hand.” –Lydiah

“I bought this for use in lotions, soaps, ect…I LOVE the smell. Reminds me of lime jell-O. This company is good, I have a few other essential oils from them. The lemon works well with the lime one too. I make a body scrub using both and it’s great.” – Hannah

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Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil

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Helpful reviews: “I have used Aura Cacia products for over 30 years. This lavender essential oil is just what I expected. I use it in my bath. Mmmmmmm, I have also used it in soapmaking.” – Hereigo

“The way this form is set up I can’t tell which oil I am actually reviewing! And I’ve bought four or five different ones from Aura Cacia so far so I can’t be terribly specific.

However, I’ve spent at least a thousand dollars in essential oils to date and studied extensively and am still learning and experimenting.

That said, whichever specific version this IS, I can say I’ve never found better. I’ve tried many from bulk apothecary, NAN, Now, and even the more pricey do Terra oils which ARE very nice, and the education you get with them is much appreciated, but these oils seem EASILY as pure, and they just aren’t all t tangled in the MLM business model and harder to obtain! Plus Aura Cacia is also a bit cheaper for this reason too!

So, I’ve bought their frankincense that I’m really excited about it coming from the better of the two types of Frank. you can get, and my son’s girlfriend is fighting cancer and needs the best help she can get!

I’ve ordered the myrrh and it’s mildly scented and tons lighter in consistency than the much thicker, Brown myrrh i tried from bulk apothecary…And it has a reputation for being a thicker oil, but this is clean and clear and maybe a bit heavier than the others but that’s expected from myrrh.

I’ve spent a lot and ruined a diffuser trying to find a rose geranium that has it’s wonderful scent and that lasts a while and that isn’t so heavy i can’t diffuse it. Well, first, there IS no rose geranium plant! The oils are blends with the more pure ones quite expensive because rose is so pricey! So I figured I’d give Aura Cacia simple geranium a try and was blown away by how quickly just a few drops in my mix filled the room with a very lovely somewhat rosy scent! Just one drop does what several ML of the not so cheap adulterated blend I’d been buying from enchanted garden or Green Health. So, just cuz you can get a bigger bottle doesn’t mean you are getting more essential oil when all is said & done!

Let’s see, VETIVER, I hate the smoky smell of vetiver but am terribly ADHD as is my second son and vetiver is said to be 100% effective in helping with that disorder. Of the four brands I tried Aura Cacia and do Terra both had a nice lighter clear oil that family all enjoys….alas, I REALLY don’t like it good or not so good! But I could still recognise the quality was definitely there!

I can’t remember any others this might be, but if you are going to trust your health or skin with an essential oil I can say I’m switching over almost exclusively to Aura Cacia, despite fact that my dear sister is a do Terra rep!” – Lookin’Up

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Now Lavender Essential Oil

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Helpful review: “Truthfully I’m not super well versed in essential oils, nor do I use many EOs–mainly tea tree and lavender–but I know that this stuff works well for me and I’m definitely going to purchase this again when I run out.

I went to my local vitamin store to peruse and actually smell to compare different brands of lavender EO such as Aura Cacia, Nature’s Alchemy, and of course NOW Foods. Frankly the lavender oil of all these brands smelled the same to me, but others might have more discerning olfactory senses than I do, though I truly don’t think there was much of a difference among these brands scent-wise. I chose NOW Foods because they seemed to be the best choice for me price-wise and quality-wise but the reviewers that insisted that NOW brand wasn’t “quality” and that you needed to spend more money for so-called “quality” EO brands did make me wary. However NOW Foods brand lavender oil has done everything I expected it to and more, so I’m never shelling out money for “higher quality” (read: overly expensive) brands and will be a lifelong customer of NOW Foods lavender EO so long as the current quality doesn’t diminish.

I bought this oil initially for its supposed ability to reduce anxiety and have an overall calming effect and boy, does it ever. I’ve found that this oil especially helps me fall asleep faster and stay asleep, and this is where I decided that lavender EO would become a staple in my life. The dropper on the 1oz bottle sometimes takes some encouragement, but not much and I can easily place a drop or two on both of the top corners of my bed so that I can smell the oil but not rub my face in it as I sleep.

With my very first use and all subsequent uses since I’ve noticed I fall asleep much faster and don’t wake up as much if at all throughout the night. I put the oil down on my bed and actually notice the calming/relaxing effect it has on me, making me drift effortlessly to sleep. As a college student working part time and studying molecular biology, I have a lot of stressful classes and a busy schedule in general. For the past year I’ve been experiencing more anxiety and stress that affected my ability to sleep and the quality of sleep I would get when I actually managed to get myself to sleep. I’d have trouble quieting my mind and relaxing enough to actually fall asleep, so I’d be up for hours with my mind racing, and once I was actually able to get to sleep I’d wake up numerous times throughout the night. I was able to deal with it for some time but I eventually reached a breaking point this semester where I started taking sleeping pills nightly just to be able to fall asleep because the lack of sleep was affecting my studies and my ability to retain information and it seemed like it was adding to my anxiety as I noticed I went from having a panic attack maybe once or twice a semester to literally every two weeks. The sleeping pills only worked for maybe a week before my body developed a tolerance and I didn’t want to go down that road of upping the amount I took and I certainly didn’t want to make myself dependent on them for sleep in the long run, so I looked to more natural sleep remedies and found lavender oil.

And boy am I glad my research led me to lavender oil because I can truly say with using this lavender oil that I’ve had the best sleep I’ve had this past year and maybe even longer than that. I can’t remember the last time I slept not just well, but consistently well. Since putting lavender oil on my bed, I haven’t had a bad night of sleep once. I wish I’d found lavender oil sooner and from now on I’m never going to find myself without lavender oil in my life.

Although I apply a drop on both top corners of my bed every night, the smell does linger in the sheets and doesn’t fade away quickly or anything like that, I just apply it nightly because I prefer the scent to be strong as I’m trying to go to sleep. I’ve never used it in a diffuser so I can’t say how long the scent lasts in that. I also notice that the drops I put nightly don’t leave any kind of stain on my sheets. I apply them at night and by the time I wake up in the morning the scent is still there, but visually I see no signs that I’ve put anything on my sheets.

My next venture is to incorporate lavender oil in my shea/mango butters that I use for moisturizing my skin as I’ve read it can help with dry skin. I’m even thinking of putting it into an oil mix I use which contains avocado oil, argan oil, rosehip seed oil, and glycerin because I feel that that might be easier than having to mix it into solid butters, and I find I use my oil mix more in the winter when my skin is really parched. I’ll update my review if I have any significant results from that venture when I finally get around to it but suffice to say I will be a lavender oil consumer for life and will be repurchasing the NOW Foods brand when my current bottle runs out.” – Ashley 

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Rocky Mountain Frankincense Essential Oil

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Helpful review: “In reviewing this Rocky Mountain Oils Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil, I am doing a comparison between Frankincense, Serrata-15 ml by Rocky Mountain Oils versus Rocky Mountain Oils – Frankincense, Sacred-15 mlFrankincense is a wonderful essential oil to use for skin care and is really good for any type of skin, although it is especially good for aging skin because it helps tone and tighten the skin and is also healing, so it helps with any nicks, cuts, or skin problems such as hormonal acne. With this in mind, I decided to do an experiment for two weeks’ time. During this two weeks, I tried both Rocky Mountain Oils Frankincense Serrata and Rocky Mountain Oils Sacred Frankincense Boswellia Sacra in my skin care regimen (mixed in my usual moisturizer), with Frankincense Serrata on my left side and Sacred Frankincense on my right side, just because I wanted to see if there was a difference in these two Frankincense Oils as far as skin care. For this purpose, I saw no difference. They were both equally wonderful and beneficial for my skin. These oils do smell very slightly different, with the Boswellia Sacra (Sacred Frankincense) from Oman being slightly mellower and the Frankincense Serrata from India being slightly brighter or sharper, but I like the scent of both of them equally and they are both wonderfully relaxing and soothing for me.I absolutely love both of these beautiful bottles of Frankincense Essential Oil but, with the price of the Sacred Frankincense, I will definitely save it only for meditating and be very careful with its use and will be unlikely to purchase it again in the future (especially since that bottle was less full than all my other oils I have ordered from Rocky Mountain Oils) and will be likely to use the Frankincense Serrata for my skin care uses. Again, I love both of these Frankincense Essential Oils and I will be much more likely to purchase the Frankincense Serrata in the future, with its cost being much less prohibitive.I love that Rocky Mountain Essential Oils are 15 ml instead of the popular 10 ml size. I like that I can feel completely safe buying essential oils from Rocky Mountain Oils and that all their oils are tested by a third party, every single batch, separately. They have a fabulous reputation and they live up to that reputation perfectly. Each of their essential oils and essential oil blends/synergies is labeled with icons to show their suggested safe uses, which are Diffuse, Topical, and Household. They come in dark amber glass bottles to keep the precious oils safe from damage from light and they have built-in orifice reducers for perfect dispensing, one drop at a time. There is also a built-in tamper proof lid, allowing for further peace of mind. I love that these oils each have their batch number stamped on the bottom of the bottle, allowing you to go to their website and check testing information at any time. I also love that Rocky Mountain Oils come with the essential oil variety sticker on top of the bottle, as well as the regular label, since I keep mine in divided boxes with the tops showing for easy selection.Bottom line, when purchasing Frankincense in the future, I will be purchasing this lovely Boswellia Serrata (Frankincense Serrata), as I do not see a huge difference between this and Boswellia Sacra (Sacred Frankincense), but there is a huge difference in the price. This Frankincense Serrata is much more affordable and it will be my Rocky Mountain Oils Frankincense of choice. If money were no object, that could differ, but it is and this is a truly lovely oil.” – Small~Town~Girl

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Revive Lavender Essential Oil

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Helpful reviews: “Happy with this purchase. Great smell. Good value for the money. I’m using for my hair, but also do diffuse from time to time. I have a sensitivity to “fake oils,” however, I haven’t had any reaction to this. Seems like good quality.” – Uriel P

“I loved the scent of the diffuser. There are limited scents that are safe to use around a cat, and this was one. Amazon may be a little bit more, but if you think about the gas and time spent getting it, Amazon wins, hands down!” – E. Brown

“I’ve tried many of the essential oil brands and this is by far my favorite one. The smell is light and clean and you don’t have to use a ton of it. The value for the amount you get is also the best I’ve found for a quality essential oil.” – Cassandra Barnes

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Plant Therapy Oregano Essential Oil

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Helpful reviews: “This Oregano essential oil is very potent. It smells like a more potent version of the oregano growing in my good friend’s yard. It even has that somewhat sharp and earthy smell that fresh oregano has. This oil passes the blot test to show that there are little or no added carrier oils.

I love that the bottle is marked on the side and on the top, so that I can tell what it is from above as well. The bottle is dark and limits sun-leaching of the oil, but I still store it in a dark place.

A few helpful ideas on essential oils:

For non-biased information on aromatherapy in general, visit http://aromaweb.com/

For instance, learning about why this smaller company doesn’t have an FDA approved nutrition label and that there is no governing body to evaluate terms such as “therapeutic grade” changed my views on paying more for essential oils.” – Megan M Watson

“This is the first time I purchased food grade essential oil and I surprised at its potency. I had a sore throat for a few weeks and after taking the organic oregano oil my throat was healed within a few days. I researched how best to ingest it and decided to use 3-4 drops under my tongue for the first few times then I diluted about 8-9 drops in a small amount of spring water. By drinking it from a cup it burned the sides of my mouth and even under my tongue it burned but not as bad as when it touched my skin. I will be using this oil for prevention at least once a month from now on. I recommend this product.” – Ms. J

As an avid advocate for holistic well-being, my journey into the world of best essential oils has been nothing short of transformative. In this comprehensive review, I’ve not only personally tested various oils but also gathered insights from individuals who have experienced their remarkable benefits. From the therapeutic embrace of doTERRA On Guard relieving persistent knee pain to the festive aroma of Edens Garden Candy Cane Lane bringing holiday cheer, this article serves as your guide to navigating the aromatic wonders of essential oils. Join me in unraveling the stories behind each oil, understanding their diverse applications, and exploring genuine reviews that have influenced the choices of fellow enthusiasts. Together, let’s embark on a fragrant journey, discovering the nuances of aroma and embracing the healing power of nature’s essence. Trust in the authenticity of our experiences and those of a diverse community to make informed decisions on your essential oil journey.