Fabulous Frannie does have a wide range of oils and related products, and their products are listed at Amazon.

Their About Us and Contact Us pages do not provide the addresses of their physical location. You can contact them only through email or phone and fax. Operating hours are Monday-Friday 8AM to 4PM.

No details are available about the people behind the venture and no social media links are seen. There is a blog however with articles related to the products.

The company sells its products directly from its website and also at platforms like Amazon. There is no MLM and even affiliate marketing does not seem to be used.

Quality and Purity

I can assure you that our company is committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. That’s why we offer a seven day return policy in case you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. We understand that everyone’s skin and body chemistry is different, and that a certain oil or blend may not work for everyone. That’s why we want to make sure you have the option to return it within that period.

In the event that your product arrives damaged, we will happily replace it for you free of charge. To do so, all you need to provide is proof of the damage in the form of a digital or cell phone image.

We also believe in providing our customers with key information about our products, so that you can make informed decisions about what you’re buying. On each product page, you will find details such as the botanical name of the plant, the plant part from which the oil was extracted, the method of extraction, the country of origin, safety information and the best oils to blend with. This information can help you choose the right oil for your needs and avoid any potential risks or sensitivities.

At our company, we believe that providing high quality products and excellent customer service is essential to building a strong and trustworthy relationship with our customers. We hope that you will find our products and services to be of the highest standards.


I appreciate it when companies prioritize the quality of their oils, and it seems like the company mentioned on their FAQ page does just that.

It’s reassuring to know that they source their oils in bulk from farms and distributors with whom they have established close and long-term relationships. This suggests that they have taken the time to build trustworthy and reliable connections with their suppliers, which can only be a good thing for the quality and consistency of their oils.

By sourcing their oils in bulk, the company may also be able to negotiate better prices, which could translate to more affordable prices for their customers. Overall, I would say that this approach to sourcing essential oils demonstrates a commitment to quality and a responsible approach to business.

Extraction Methods and Distillation

The FAQ page lists five methods for extracting oils from plant material: Steam Distillation, Hydrosols, Expression/Cold Pressed, Solvent and CO2. Of these, Steam Distillation and Cold Press yields the purest oils and the company sells oils extracted using these methods, except Vanilla, which is extracted using natural coconut oil.


Here is what their FAQ page states about testing: “All of our oils are GC/MS tested by our trusted vendors and Farms in which we buy our oils from. GC/MS tests results are shown on a complicated graph and hard to comprehend unless you are a chemist. From these graphs our vendors (who have chemists onsite), create a Certificate of Analysis. We have a Certificate of Analysis available for all oils that we sell and each batch that we purchase.

Grading and Certification

According to the company, there is no agency for certification of essential oils. Claims such as “certified pure therapeutic grade” are simply marketing speak.

Product Offerings


Fabulous Frannie offers a line of 107 single essential oils, pure oils from a single plant material. These are sold in 5ml and 10ml bottles. The prices indicated are for 5ml; 10ml bottles are priced slightly higher e.g. $4 for 5ml and $5.50 for 10ml. 

Single oils include Cinnamon Leaf ($4 for 5ml), Eucalyptus ($4), Fir Needle ($4), Tea Tree ($4), Sweet Orange ($4), Lemongrass ($4), Lavender French ($4.70), Vanilla ($5 for 10ml), Arina ($5.50), Ajwain ($5.50 for 10ml), Terragon ($10 for 10ml), Chamomile Roman ($23 for 5ml), Blue Tansy ($35.95 for 5ml) and Catnip ($60 for 5ml) among others.


A line of 50 blends of two or more oils are offered. Blends help achieve unique aromas and/or therapeutic effects. The blends too are offered in 5ml and 10 ml bottles with the prices increasing only slightly for 10ml.

Blends include Bug Away ($4), Citrus Splash for air purification ($4), De-Stress ($4), Easy Breathzy ($4), Head Aid ($4), MBS (Mind, Body and Spirit) ($4), Energy ($7 for 10ml), Flowers Pure ($7.80 for 10ml) and more.


Roll-ons have an applicator top that makes it easy to apply in small quantities. This is important because pure essential oils are highly concentrated and can cause skin irritation if too much is applied. Frannie offers a line of 37 Roll-ons in 10ml bottles.

The roll-ons line includes Peppermint, Patchouli, Muscle Ice (formerly Aches & Pains), Concentration, Moody Girl, Calm Anger and many more all at $6.95 for 10ml.

Chakra Oils

The Chakra line includes blends and roll-ons for balancing your mind, body and spirit with products designed for the seven chakras – Grounded, Passion, Powerful, Compassion, Communicate, Intuition and Enlightenment. These can be purchased in sets of seven.

Frannie lists 24 products under this line, including Refreshing Spray ($3.95 for 2oz.), Root Grounded, Sacral Passion, Solar Plexus Powerful, Heart Compassion, Throat Communicate, Third Eye Intuition and Crown Enlighten – all in blend and roll-on formats at $6.95 for 10ml. The line also includes bath salt ($6.95), essential oil candle ($7.95) and bracelets ($13.95 without oil and $17.95 with 5ml oil).

Carrier Oils

The line of carrier oils on offer include 2oz. sample bottles of different oils such as Almond, Avocado, Castor, Fractionated Coconut and Grapeseed at $4 for each, Hemp oil ($5.70 for 2oz.), 4oz. bottles of the same oils at higher prices, Jojoba oil ($9.90 for 2oz. and $14.95 for 4oz.) and Argan oil ($10.50 for 2oz.).

Bath and Body Care Products

Frannie sells a line of body care products including All Natural Soap in De-Stress, Family and Favourites packs. Each pack contains aromas that are in line with the purpose-indicative names. All are priced at $10.95.

The line also includes 4oz. bar soap ($5.50), Soy Candle 6oz. jar ($20.95), mineral bath salt ($5.95), massage sprays ($5.95), bath bombs in different combos (from $3.95 to $18) and other products.

Men’s Products

Rugged Riley products for men are made from essential oils and include After Shave Hydrosol Spray in three different scents($12.75 for 2oz.), Beard Oil ($4.95 for 1oz.), Beard Wax ($4.95 for 1oz.), Blemish Pen ($5.95 for .33 oz.), Foot  Spray ($7.95 for 2oz.) and Shave Soaps in different scents (and unscented) (5.50 for 4oz.).

Soy Candles and Melties

These products, made from soy wax, range in prices from $4.95 for melties in different aromas through essential oil candles of $7.95 each to the Christmas Wreath 16oz. jar soy candle priced at $20.95. 

Home and Cleaning

The Home & Cleaning line of products include pillow and room mists ($3.95 for 2oz.), hand soaps ($7.95 for8oz.), carpet deodorizers ($8.95 for 16oz.) and multi-surface cleaners ($8.95 for 16oz.).


Bottles (from $1.50), Car Vent Clip Diffuser Refills ($2), Inhaler Stick ($2.95), Soap Dish/ Sponge/ Scrubber ($3.95) and more products are available in this line. There is also an interesting product, Aromatherapy Diffuser Ionizer Ultrasonic Humidifier 600ML that can continue running for 12 to 21 hours at a time ($45.99).


Fabulous Frannie does not use MLM nor does it seem to engage in affiliate marketing. Instead, it sells directly from its website and through platforms like Amazon. Formal price comparisons were hard to come by.

The prices seem to compare neither favorably nor unfavorably with other suppliers. For example, Blood Orange costs $5.50 at Frannie as against $8.95 at Plant Therapy. On the other hand, Blue Tansy 5ml costs $35.95 at Frannie as against $29.95 at Plant Therapy.

Fabulous Frannie Essential Oil Reviews

It was difficult to find proper reviews of Fabulous Frannie essential oils. One review that seemed dependable was from reviewmeta.com which focuses on consolidating product reviews at Amazon, after eliminating unnatural-looking reviews.

Reviewmeta has given Fabulous Frannie an adjusted average rating of 4 out of 5, based on 6513 reviews at Amazon.

The overall impression gained is that while product quality is generally accepted, the brand is not all that well known. Fabulous Frannie looks like a small brand that sells its products through platforms like Amazon and directly online.

Final Verdict

Based on the reviews at Amazon, it seems that Fabulous Frannie products have received positive feedback, which indicates that they may be of good quality.

That being said, I always recommend that my clients do their research and compare prices before making a purchase. While the quality of the product is important, it’s also important to consider the price, especially if you’re on a budget or if you’re looking to purchase multiple products.

In this case, I would advise potential buyers to compare the prices of Fabulous Frannie products with those of other suppliers to ensure that they’re getting the best value for their money. By doing so, they can make an informed decision and potentially save money while still using high-quality products.

Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide which product to purchase, but by comparing prices and considering the quality of the product, they can make a choice that aligns with their needs and budget.

Key Takeaways

  • Fabulous Frannie offers a wide range products including single essential oils, blends, roll-ons; bath and body care products; men’s products, candles and melties, home and cleaning products and accessories
  • Though details of testing are scarce, their products seem rated reasonably well at Amazon. They also offer a 7-day return policy and free replacement of damaged products
  • The company does not appear to be a top, widely known brand, however, our own comparison of prices indicated that Frannie prices were lower in some cases and higher in other cases
  • What was a bit  disconcerting was the unavailability of many details about the company – including its  physical location, the people behind the venture, full details about its sourcing practices and its bottling facilities
  • The company also does not seem to have a social media presence where consumers can interact with it