There are tons of courses, articles, videos, and a lot more on the internet that will teach you about the use and benefits of essential oils. Of course, they are all useful, but there’s nothing better than the old-fashioned hard-copy book to teach you everything there is about a particular subject.

In this article, I’m sharing with you 5 best books on essential oils that we think are great for the job in this article. Choose one or more of them to become an expert on this matter.

There’s no better way to learn everything about them than spending quality time with a book explaining everything you need to know when it comes to essential oils. It is scientifically proven that reading a book makes a different nerve function in the brain, much better than any other form of learning.

Books are the best way to learn about what essential oils are good for, how to use them, prepare the perfect substance, and make the best of them. This is why people who choose a book over any other medium will be more educated on the subject and know how to handle different oils easily.

1. Aromatherapy – A Little Book About Self Care by Louise Robinson

I choose this book in 5 best books on Essential oils because the author of this book, Louise Robinson, is a professional aromatherapy practitioner from London. She has been working with patients in a mental health unit within a London hospital and claim that aromatherapy from essential oils has made a significant transformation in the lives of her patients.

The book itself is dedicated to everyone who wants to learn more about aromatherapy in general. There are over 40 rituals, remedies, and blends to help you transform your body and soul. Using them, you’ll be able to make a change that will affect your entire life.

Unlike other books, this one will thoroughly explain what essential oils are, how you should use them, how to store them, and how to make the best of them. When you learn all about this, you can then continue to the other benefits.

Aromatherapy – A Little Book About Self Care by Louise Robinson

2. I Run on Essential Oils and Tea by Shelby J Vincent

If you’re looking for something more original and different, you might want to consider this piece from Shelby J Vincent. It is a book on essential oils used for the kitchen. There are plenty of recipes inside that you can use while spending time in the kitchen.

The writing style is informal, and you won’t feel like you’re reading a serious book on science, but precisely what you need at the kitchen – content that will relax you and teach you how to cook with various essential oils.

There are tons of recipes that you can use for all kinds of dishes. The table of contents at the beginning will give you a quick insight into it when you’re not sure about what you’re looking for or when you’re searching for something specific. This one’s a must-have for every essential oil lover chef.

I Run on Essential Oils and Tea by Shelby J Vincent

3. Updated Aromatherapy for Self Care by Jesus Maxwell Ph. D

The fact that the publishing house of this book has managed to sell over 300.000 copies around the globe proves its worth. This is a truly professional piece on essential oil written by a person who’s not just anybody, but a Ph. D in the field of aromatherapy – Jesus Maxwell.

Some will call this book “the bible of aromatherapy,” trying to point out how great it is. The author is highly experienced in the matter, which is why everyone loves the content within. Inside, you’ll be able to find a thorough introduction and explanation about 75 different essential oils.

Aside from this, you’ll see more than just talking about different essential oils. You’ll see first aid therapies, advice for pregnant women, families with babies, the elderly, and other stuff. In short, all kinds of uses will be explained thoroughly and perfectly.

Updated Aromatherapy for Self Care by Jesus Maxwell Ph. D

4. Essential Oil Recipe Book by Whitney Kain

Another essential oils recipe book, but this one is a bit different. The recipes are written conventionally, and the pages are designed for yourself. The option in the book to write down your own ideas and create new recipes based on your knowledge of essential oils is excellent if you’re skilled in the subject.

If you want to buy someone a gift, but you’re not sure what to get, this might be the ideal choice. Order it via the internet and wrap it up in nice decorative paper. The person receiving it will be thrilled if they enjoy using essential oils and understand aromatherapy.

Essential Oil Recipe Book by Whitney Kain

5. The Complete Book of Essentials Oils and Aromatherapy by Valery Ann Worwood

An Amazon bestseller, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valery Ann Worwood, is maybe the best one out there, which is why we saved it for last. This one has over 800 naturally produced recipes for your everyday life. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or work.

There are recipes for the kitchen, for the bath, the living room, and the bedroom. It is a one-place list of everything you might need as knowledge in essential oils and aromatherapy. Another important feature of this book is the chance to learn a lot about how to use these essential oils.

All categories can find a use of it – pregnant women, families with babies, seniors, and everyone else who might wonder if it’s okay to use aromatherapy in their home. The author explains everything in her positive and joyful tone, making everyone understand what is good and what should be avoided.

The Complete Book of Essentials Oils and Aromatherapy by Valery Ann Worwood


There are lots of different aromatherapy and essential oils books and lots of different types and categories, so I’ve mentioned more different ones. You have a choice in the above list to see if you want a book that will teach you everything about them or help you make products out of them.

Choose what you think is best for you and get yourself the essential oil book that you prefer. Dive deep in the world of essential oils and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

If you prefer online reading, I have for that one too. Here, you can read the Best Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Courses Online.