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Choosing The Right Essential Oils

With so much information available and varying opinions on the use and effectiveness of essential oils, it can become overwhelming for many people to make the right choice when it comes to picking the most suitable ones out.

There is no shortage of options and each essential oil has its own significant properties, effects and purpose. In order to ensure that you get the ones which give you the maximum benefit, you have to figure out exactly what you are looking to get from an essential oil and its usage for yourself.

There are certain essential oils which may work wonders for some and some that may not do much for you, while in a few cases it could be vice versa. This is why it is imperative that you make a careful and well-informed choice when you choosing between essential oil brands. Now, since it’s accepted and claimed widely that essential oils are highly beneficial for mental and physical well-being; the chances of them being harmful are quite less. However, choosing the right essential oil is not about the dangers or adverse effects that will come with their use but about finding the answer to long term problems.

In case, you are getting slightly confused, consider this situation. For someone with chronic anxiety, stress or pain, the right essential oil could work as a natural treatment and help manage their condition. Essential oils such as chamomile, lavender and peppermint are all known to contain healing properties such mental and physical health problems.

In the end, the choice of the right essential oils comes down to a few considerations that you must make beforehand.

-What aspect of well-being are you looking for?
-How do you plan the long term usage of an essential oil?

These are the two questions that will help you find the right and most suitable essential oils which you may never want to give up. When it comes to the first one, a person must do a detailed analysis of their mental and physical health. Do they suffer from a disorder that is hindering day to day life? Is it stress, depression or anxiety?

Are their energy levels constantly low and the sleep pattern is erratic? If the answer to all these is affirmative, then they must opt for a mixture of such essential oils which can help remedy their condition. Similarly, if there are longstanding physical problems, they can also be treated or relieved with the help of these oils.

Choosing the Right Essential Oils

As far as usage is concerned, the most commons ones have to be inhaling or through topical skin application.
In cases where you are just looking for feel good essential oils or just want to enhance your surrounding and environment, you can look for essential oils diffusers and use those to inhale the aroma. Otherwise, to gain any tangible benefits, you need to focus on using the right essential oil in the appropriate manner.
In order to understand what works for you, you need to become familiar with the types of essential oils and their properties:

Lavender essential oil

Lavender Essential Oil

This is basically an all-purpose essential oil which is not only effective for stress relief bus also possess healing properties for health conditions involving pain and cramps. It can help you relax, sleep, alleviate headaches and even reduce skin irritation when applied with a carrier oil.

Chamomile Essential Oil

There is not enough that can be said about the immense benefits of chamomile. Like lavender, it also works for the preservation of both mental and physical well-being. Chamomile oil can be used for treating digestive problems, reducing inflammation and is also effective as a calming element for the nerves.

Chamomile EO
Rose EO

Rose Essential Oil

The oil is increasingly used to reduce anxiety and can be applied as a remedy for skin problems such as blemishes and acne scars. It can be inhaled as well as applied topically to the skin in a mixture.

Hyssop Oil

It may not be that commonly used but in aromatherapy, you will find its healing properties extensive and effective for health conditions such as internal inflammation and long term scarring. The scent of this oil is very appealing and earthly.

Hyssop EO
peppermint eo

Peppermint Essential Oil

This oil is known for treating a variety of health problems such headaches, migraines, muscular pain and also as a relief for skin inflammation and burns.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

A number of people do not know that tea tree oil is nature’s anti-septic and can be used for its anti-fungal properties on various skin problems. It is also highly effective for boosting immunity, managing dental problems and to remove bacteria.

tea tree eo
lemon eo

Lemon Essential Oil

This oil has a very pleasant scent and various healing properties as well. It can be used for improving the function of liver, detoxing, increasing energy levels by stimulating the nerves and as a remedy for digestion induced problems.


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